Hi! My name is Valentina and I am happy seeing you here!
You can get a tattoo appointment with me in New York. Sometimes I am traveling to Los Angeles and to Germany but these trips are announced separately and do not happen often.
I am working with realistic color tattoos adding blackwork to it. The design can be done adjusted to your request and vary. Yet my main style is blackwork with realistic color which means I will not tattoo using drawings, it can only be photos: if its something mythical it ll be a cosplay photo/ a movie character or my own interpretation of a real model photo.

I can do cover ups, family members (using ideally photos I took of them or other pro pictures), celebrities, horror, animals etc. But we will need to discuss certain requirements to the photo to make sure you will get a long lasting tattoo. Usually I require a verbal description of the idea and/or a moodpboard (photo examples) but I do the final choice of the exact project based on that myself.
Before filling out this form please read it and prepare photo files that will be needed. Description below!