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Valentina Riabova is a world-class tattoo artist (realistic color), an artist with field-specific education.

Who Is Valentina Riabova?

She's a world-class artist who is passionate about creating beautiful and personalized pieces of art. As an artist, her main area is tattooing but she also does many other things as well. She wants to help people feel more confident about themselves and transmit stronger energy with their looks through her new unique style.

On top of the work she does as an artist, she also specializes in sexology and works as an educator for it alongside tattooing and Shibari (Japanese bondage art). Her goal is to help other professionals and her colleagues to be more confident with what they are doing and achieve greater results in less time.

She specializes in color realism and her educational background and high interest in psychology helped her develop a unique style to create portraits. In fact, she's the only artist in the world who's able to tattoo freehand realistic portraits in color from life observation using a real-time model (without a stencil).

She has won many different awards in European, American, and Russian competitions and has also been on the jury several times.
She was born and raised in Saint Petersburg, Russia. She had a passion for art from an early age, which led her to attend various art schools and universities in Russia, including the Alexandrino art school, Stiglitz academy, Repin academy (courses), and the European university of experts (graphic design). These institutions taught sculpture painting and drawing at a high level, greatly influencing her career.

Her first job was tutoring arts and languages, which allowed her to earn income to buy her first set of tattoo equipment.

Valentina's Story

2012: start in Russia
In 2012, she finally took the leap and started her career as a tattoo artist. She quickly progressed, winning multiple international tattoo conventions, serving as a jury member, and doing teaching seminars, all within just first two years.
2016: France and fashion
In 2016, Valentina moved to Europe, where her unique tattooing style garnered attention from clients all over the continent. She initially settled in Essen, Germany, but later moved to Paris to pursue a new career idea in fashion, enrolling in a university program. After a while, she received her talent visa, allowing her to move to New York City, where she currently resides.
2022: New York
Valentina's move to the US brought a fresh perspective to her art, leading her to create a style that incorporates primal (or primitive) heavy blackwork and realistic colors. Her innovative approach immediately caught the attention of others in the industry. She won the Best in Show award at the New York Empire State Tattoo Convention after completing a leg piece in just three days, despite having lived in the United States for only two months.

Currently, Valentina is living a fulfilling life and working as an educator in tattooing, sexology, and Shibari (Japanese bondage art), while also being a successful artist and tattooer
This is another visualization tool of the perception of the world. When you tattoo, you work with alive materials, literally.
At first, Valentina participated only in Russian tattoo conventions, but soon started to go to Austria, Italy, Brazil, Germany and other countries. She was noticed and started to get invitations to the panel of judges for such European conventions as Zurich Ink Days, Florence Tattoo Convention, etc.
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