Color and black & white works.
Tattoo aftercare
Rinse your tattoo with clean water and soap in the first two days after the session, using cotton pads for better cleansing. Wipe the skin with considerable pressure despite the pain. Apply Bepanthen and cover the tattoo with a diaper, with the absorbent side inwards. Repeat this four times a day. After first two days, rinse and moisturize the tattoo with Bepanthen, but don't cover it with a diaper. Continue to do so for two weeks or more, depending how you feel.

The point of such aftercare is to maintain the damaged skin constantly clean and moisturized. In doing so, no "crusts" will form; they make the result much worse. Avoid oversteaming during the first week after the session; no gym, saunas, swimming pools or baths. Room temperature showering is allowed, but not for long.

Always (not only in the first days after the session) hide your tattoo under the clothes or rub strong sunblock every two hours.
Things to bring to the session
It will be good if you buy everything you need after the session in advance: cotton pads, diapers of any size and quantity, Bepanthen, adhesive bandage for fixing the diaper on your skin, or paper tape.
Can I bring my friend?
No, as in a doctor's office, you can only come to the Studio alone. Strangers do distract the tattoo artist who should be focusing on the work. Your fatigue also increases.
Things you need to know before the session
Not all skin types are suitable for such naughty style as color realism. Choose the part where your skin is the palest, the lighter the canvas is, the more shades are visible to an artist. As a result, the tattoo will look better. Use Bepanthen or any other moisturizer a week prior to the session, at least a couple times a day, the skin should be well moistured. Just before the session, make the depilation of the chosen body part, this will make the process easier.
Can I work out after the session?
Don't overstrain and oversteam your tattoo for the first week after the session. During workouts, aside from loading your body, you also raise your temperature and sweat a lot, which makes the healing process longer and leads to the worse result.
Can I drink after the session?
Alcohol significantly lowers your immunity, so the results can be unpredictable. Abstain from alcohol for 5-7 days after and do not drink the day before the session.
Can I send my photos for the project?
Yes, well, if you send a couple of pictures, the artist is going to have an idea of what you want, but it is not required. Skin has a lot of specific properties, which the client may not know, that is why the selection of image characteristics, such as detalization, foreshortening, contrast and others are for the tattooist to choose. Valentina will make the final choice of the source image, only in this case the result will be of the appropriate quality.
How can i be sure that the work is going to be easy for both parties?
Good sleep and breakfast is a must. This will significantly reduce your reaction to pain. Prepare your skin as described above. Come alone and on time.
How long does a session take?
Make sure you don't have anything planned this day. It takes more than six hours with breaks and discussions of details.
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